Why use a Transaction coordinator?

Most successful agents use a Transaction coordinator and here’s why

There are many different reasons that a REALTOR might need a transaction coordinator.  You may be great at buying and selling homes, but paperwork might not be your strong suit.  Perhaps you don’t do very many transactions and you’re a little uncertain about what paperwork is needed.  Maybe you’re just too busy!  All of these are perfect reasons why you need my services, and in doing so, you will have more time to get new clients, spend time with your family, or any number of things.

What are the benefits of Transaction Coordinator Texas?

  • We offer Online Transaction Coordination to single agents, multiple agents, or Brokers.
  • For Brokers – we offer immediate reporting to you with a comprehensive overview of all transactions in the office at any given time.
  • All parties involved in the transaction can easily access their transaction through a secure password for up-to-the-minute status.
  • Once the transaction is closed we will create a permanent record and audit trail of all documents and actions taken throughout the closing process. Every activity is time stamped and logged for permanent reference. For your records and protection, this can provide an added protection for the agent, broker and the client.
  • By using Online Transaction Coordination your out-of-town buyers and sellers can access their account and view all the details, which cuts down on phone call and emails simply by using their secure login information.
  • Orders can be placed with service providers directly from the Internet-they are able to email the completed reports directly back to the transaction account. Once received we will post notifications to those involved on an as need to know basis.
  • All parties can receive automatic notification whenever a task is completed.
  • We provide an online calendar which allows you to review the status of all your transactions at the same time.