For Buyer Agents

Buyer Agent Transaction Coordinator: $395

  1. During negotiation I will upload your contracts in an online document signer.
  2. Confirm Escrow has been opened and deliver executed contract copies.
  3. Obtain receipt of delivery of earnest money and option money
  4. Create a ‘Transaction Introduction Timeline’ email (contract highlights and dates) sent to both agents, your client, lender and the escrow folks
  5. Schedule requested Buyer’s inspections. (home inspection, termite, septic, specialty, etc)
  6. Ensure Seller’s disclosures, survey, HOA documents, title policy and relevant documents are delivered within the specified contractual deadlines
  7. Review reports: Preliminary Title, Natural Hazard and Termite report
  8. Return Seller’s Disclosures to listing agent
  9. Complete necessary Real Estate forms: Request for Repairs, Contingency removals, Receipt of
    Reports and Verification of Property (*Any negotiating/explanation of contracts
    should be done by agent only)
  10. Send out reminders of all due dates and contingencies in the contract.
  11. Stay in touch with the lender,  assist with appraiser access, confirm loan approval has been obtained.
  12. Arrange Loan sign appointment.  Check preliminary HUD statement and advise agent/client of balance to be delivered and options of payment (i.e. Cashier’s check, wiring and etc.)
  13. Schedule and confirm walk through arrangements for buyer.
  14. Schedule closing date and time with escrow on behalf of the buyer.
  15. Ensure file is compliant with DRE and broker regulations
  16. Send an electronic file with a summary of ALL documents included in the transaction.