Transaction Coordinating Checklist


Pre-Listing Activities

­___Assemble Pre-Listing Packet
___Deliver Pre-Listing Packet
___Digital Front Picture Taken
___Comparative Market Analysis
___Give Sellers Guide
___Seller’s Book Preparation
___Prepare Listing Presentation
___Prepare Listing Agreement and Seller’s Disclosure
___Tax Records

After Listing Activities

___Sign Listing Contract
___Provide Owner(s) w/Seller’s Disclosure to Complete
___Take Digital Photos of Home
___Obtain Key(s) to Home
___Install Sign and Brochure Box
___Install Lockbox
Lockbox Number:_________
Lockbox Shackle Code:______
___Discuss Pre-Listing Inspection
___Discuss Improvement/Staging Recommendations
___Discuss Estimate of Proceeds
___Put Listing on Listing Board
___Enter Listing Info into MLS
___Enter Listing Info into Websites
___Copy of Listing Agreement, Sellers Disclosure and MLS printout to your Office Manager
___Prepare Flyer
___Open Title
___Prepare “Just Listed” Cards
___Send “Just Listed” Cards
___Schedule NW Office Property Tour
___Schedule Open Houses:





___ Upon Offer Present Seller’s Net Sheet to Seller(s)

___ Negotiate Offer

___ Deliver Response to Buyer’s Agent


At Contract Activities

Effective Date of Contract:_______________

Ending of Option Period:________________

HOA Documents Order Date:_____________

HOA Documents Delivery Date:___________

Loan Approval Date:___________________

Inspection Date:______________________

_____  Copy of Contract and Signed Sellers

Disclosure To:

_____ Seller ________ Lender

_____ Title Co

_____ Office Manager

_____  Put Sale on Sales Board

_____  Complete Contract to Closing Form online

_____  Confirm Utilities for Inspection

_____  Order Home Warranty

_____  Final Negotiation of Amendment

_____  Appraisal Scheduled

_____  Survey Ordered & Date:___________

_____  Survey Received & Date:___________

_____  Seller’s Forwarding Address:




Pre-Closing Activities

Closing Date & Time:___________________

Buyer’s Agent Public ID#:________________

Interest Rate:_____ Type of Loan:_________

Seller’s Paid Closing Costs for Buyer:________

_____  Mail-Out Arranged

_____  Title Commitment Received

_____  Title Commitment Reviewed

_____  Confirm Closing Date and Time

_____  Arrange for Transfer of Rental Deposits and Prorated Rent

_____  Review Settlement Statement

_____  Closing Figures to Seller(s)

_____  Remind Seller(s) to Bring:

_____ Driver’s License

_____ Extra Keys to Property

_____ Garage Door Opener(s)

_____ Repair Receipts

_____ Other Property Information

Closing Activities

_____  Take Clients to Closing

_____  Enter as “Sold” into MLS